Their debut single Wannabe topped the charts in 31 countries in 1996, the Spice Girls sold 80 million records and had nine UK number one singles

Liz began collecting Spice Girls memorabilia in 1996 when the girls first launched themselves onto the pop scene. As an impressionable 11 year old, she was hooked as soon as they released their first single 'Wannabe'. At that age all her friends and family would buy Spice Girls items for Birthday and Christmas presents.

Initially Liz just collected albums, magazines and sticker books but after a year of chart successes she started buying singles and masses of official merchandise. Everything was kept pristine in the packaging unlike her contemporaries who would use the items. Liz had a collector’s instinct from an early age, she would arrange and showcase proudly the boxed memorabilia on her bedroom shelves as a teenager. Liz did not buy her first museum worthy piece until at Art School in Glasgow, armed with a student loan she purchased a top worn my Melanie C at the age of 19 via eBay.

After graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 2007, Liz perused her idea of exhibiting her ever increasing Spice Girls collection in museums nationwide. She starting to exhibit locally in both Doncaster and Rotherham in 2008, the collection then toured to Leeds in 2011 where the 6 month show attracted a record 50,000 visitors and much press attention. Items from the collection have also been exhibited in London and Liverpool as well as appearing on TV and in magazines.

Liz has written a book to accompany Spiceworld: The Exhibition which can be purchased in the shop area of this website through Amazon.

Liz West lives and works in Manchester.